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How to have a conversation without awkward silence

One of the biggest problems that can arise when trying to get to know the new members will be awkward silence. I find this situation is so uncomfortable that can make even avoid meeting new people in the first place, but there is a way to solve the problem. In the past, he fights against an awkward silence so I thought it was a problem without a solution. I thought I had to change my DNA or something ... But I proved to myself that I was wrong when I found out how to solve it. Not knowing conversation can really affect your social life, but if you know how to keep the words flowing, you can meet, talk and get to know almost everyone who creates great opportunities for companies, joint recreation and activities may missed.

Why did you run out of things to say

After studying this topic in depth, I have found patterns that can prevent a lot of conversation with people. Filtering is common behavior audience or even new acquaintances say anything until you "marked" with yourself to make sure it is what you say is cool, awesome, smart and interesting. What do your conversation skills? Kill! Another problem is how to get in the mood to talk. If you spent a day of work or study subjects or analytical logic, do not know how it happens, then it can take a long time to warm up and start interacting with people socially. You can solve it just to learn some new techniques, such as those listed below. Do it once, and you can talk to people and make friends more easily.

Keeping calls

We'll help you get started with some basic techniques but scientific about how to be a good conversation:
Issue number one conversation without filtering

Mirror, it is a reflection that allows you to say what you have you. Not filtered, not checks to himself with there mistake "would be nice if I speak what I think?". None of it. The best ways to train is to start doing it with the kind of knowledge that people dare to try? It's fun to realize that you are allowed to say what's on your mind, and no one will judge you for it. If you say something that can make those around you uncomfortable, maybe sat're nuts, you're kidding! People do not care much about how "amazing" you say, is that they focus too much on the way they are. Get it? If it so let's continue on ...

Technique call number two "That's so interesting, tell me more!"

It gives 99% of the time. This technique is foolproof, and works particularly well for beginners. People like to know that you are interested in what they have to say, so if you show some interest, drags you and you want to talk more. All "oh this is interesting ..." "Hmm, I have never heard of him", "Hmm, yes!" Reactionary expressions are fragments of conversation that show the other person that you are really listening, and very flattering to them.

# 3 Call technique levels everywhere

Everyone knows the stories to juice calls, but most people just talk about their life stories. You do not need to draw from the experience of his conversation with someone, you can use the stories, however, the stories that happened to people you know, I've met through radio, television, magazines, etc.? How to integrate your call stories? The key is to understand first that you can use. Heard, and the most interesting or funny they are, they are more difficult to forget, so it's all good. Your mind will not be lost. When someone says something about one of them, just tell the story, but not your life. It can be silly story, short or long, interesting, or just use totally embarrassing! People love to talk with people who simply share these things openly. They need to start, but if you take it advanced level where you can have fun just talking to everyone, know the right people you want in your life, and be able to make friends with the speed I recommend you take some time to learn more about how the talks. If you do this, you will need to make much more interesting conversations natural ease, avoiding any awkward silences that could delay the application of the best friends I want to be around.

# 4 Find something to tell their favorite topics
We all have things we are excited about the activities, hobbies, projects, objectives, ideas or work. Take the time to make a list with a short but important things you are passionate about, and make talking easier for you. We read this list a few times and know it well. Then, when you are in a call, browse the list and find a way to turn the conversation on a topic on it.

# 5 Ask open-ended questions
One way to keep a conversation is to take the direction of the conversation to another person. And the best way to do this is to answer open question. These are questions that require more than a simple "yes" or "no" answer, and offer the possibility of much more rich answers. Questions like "What do you think of this event?" Instead of "Do you like this event? These kinds of questions people talk and can be a lifesaver basic techniques cease calls.

# 6 release
Often, it is difficult to have a conversation, not that I can not think of anything to say, but because we fear that the other person does not enjoy the subject or an opinion we became this particular brain. However, most of the time, this fear has no basis in reality. This is me emitter emit call are basic techniques meant to say what you think now, instead of censoring you. Give it a try and you will find that people are not that hard, and you can enjoy many things in conversation.

# 7 Let's end the other person Silence
Most people do not feel comfortable with an awkward pause in the conversation. When this happens, try to immediately fill something to say. It can be used to track a call. When, for example, that only met someone new at a party, you talk and talk stuck to a terminal of this person to find peanuts or something. Instead, stay back and let the silence you. Most times, the other will eventually resume the conversation and silence.

# 8 to practice, practice, practice
I know many people who have had major problems in maintaining ongoing dialogues and now can do even shy or not very cooperative. How did they get there? They practiced. Pushed you in your comfort zone aware, meet new people, socialize and implement techniques such as fourth over all. To do the same and see the same kind of results with their conversation skills.
What were some basic techniques without having to be an awkward silence you, it's all a matter of practice

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